At Citrosuco, we value people’s initiative, plurality and potential.

We employ more than 5,500 employees – a number that exceeds 12,000 people during harvest – who operate in different locations and contexts in Brazil and abroad.


For Everyone

Social Commitment

Join Citrosuco's team

“At Citrosuco, I feel free to be who I have become over the years. It doesn’t matter if I’m a person of color, if I have black, straight or shaved hair. My essence and expertise is what matters.”

Alessandra Dias

“Citrosuco provides an environment that welcome you, integrates you on an equal basis. I feel respected!”

Jean Carlos Maester Crocco

“I am very proud to be part of Citrosuco and to be able to love my job. People’s care and affection are fascinating. It inspires me.”

Isabela Camila Moores