We see diversity as a way of growth. That is why we created ‘For Everyone’, our diversity program. It values people’s potential and highlights the best they have to offer. Our actions in daily life are devised to build an increasingly inclusive and diverse company.

Get to know the four pillars of Citrosuco’s program ‘For Everyone’

  • Disabled people

    Citrosuco’s actual engagement in the fight for people with disabilities makes us a strong player in the culture of inclusion. We have streamlined the process of building a company based on diversity and the success of the For Everyone program is based on the individuality and contribution of every employee. We believe that their potential makes a difference!

  • Racial power

    White, black, yellow ... Citrosuco values ​​the power of different races, their contribution to business results and thus aims to build a company that values ​​people for what they are, that respects their history and acknowledges their potential. There is space for differences, here!

  • Gender identity

    Diversity enriches human experience. Following global changes, Citrosuco aims to support it and has thus included the topic of gender identity on its agenda. The company defends the respect and promotion of LGBTQI+ rights by raising the awareness of Citrosuco’s staff and educating it, in addition to promoting actions in favor of the rights to the community.

  • Women in leadership

    The greater the diversity of the leadership profile, the more ideas from different points of view contribute to our strategy. Therefore, gender diversity is one of the four pillars that make up our program.


Citrosuco develops the ‘For Everyone’ program to encourage a plural and significant culture of diversity.

In July, in the week of the LGBTQI+ Pride Day, we put into practice our ideas for a more inclusive world.

We work on topics that value reflection, the importance of diversity and the knowledge on the topic. We go far beyond accepting it and fight for a work environment and a society that acknowledges individuality. Citrosuco has already started to adopt the changes that we wish would take place at a global level!

  • “When I started at Citrosuco, where I wanted to work since I was a child, I became aware of the fact that it was a place with different people, accents, and different experiences. It felt I was in the right place.
    What I like about working at Citrosuco as a gay man is that I can be myself – and that’s essential, because I can’t do my best if a part of me has to hide who I am.

    Having friends and working at a company where everyone respects and accepts me just as I am helps me a lot to develop myself professionally and also to fight for other people to get the same opportunities I was offered.
    At Citrosuco, we actually value what is different. A company that understands, accepts and celebrates that is a company that really cares about the well-being of its employees.”

    Leandro Freire Venâncio

  • “Our Citrosuco Diversity program is excellent and unique, because we all aim to achieve the same goal. I feel that this is one of Citrosuco’s key points, creating an environment in which no one feels isolated, an environment that welcomes you and directs you to a promising future.

    I feel grateful towards Citrosuco for having created For Everyone, since it gave those people hope who never believed to be able to work and experience an environment where treatment is equal, where racism, bullying and other offenses have no space, an environment where we are a true Family, the Citrosuco Family.”

    Eduardo Romão