Our Essence

We are a business that cultivates, produces and delivers natural and  sustainable food products to over 100 countries. We are known for the  nutritional properties of our products, by our positive socio-environmental  impact on the value chain, and by our business innovation and efficiency. We prioritise quality, contributing to people’s nutrition and food  safety. We run our business based on integrity, focusing on the  promotion of healthy people and a healthy planet, nourishing diverse  and influential relationships throughout the value chain. We invest in research and technology to ensure operational excellence and portfolio diversification, meeting the needs of the market.

  • “Working in a company that has principles is very rewarding, and it is everyone's role to replicate these values. Citrosuco conducts its business with integrity, thinking about people, taking care of their health, and ensuring physical and food safety. That's why integrity, people, health, and safety are our values!”

    Diego Victoriano
    HOD Director

  • “Innovating means to create different paths from those we use today, it means to generate and especially to capture value. Many people think that innovation only relates to high tech and great discoveries, but innovation actually means doing things better, doing them in a different way. Whether it is applied to new processes or new products, innovation means finding ways to improve the company and the world.”

    Alex Marie Schuermans
    PDA General Manager

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