Social Commitment

Citrosuco is committed to contributing to the development of the municipalities in which it operates through genuine engagement, making efforts to build a long-term social action strategy that may support business during current and future challenges. Citrosuco’s social commitments are supported by the Votorantim institute.
This strategy is defined after a mapping process that takes into account business needs and impacts, as well as the social fabric and the actors present in the territories, prioritizing education, inclusion and diversity.

Main projects developed


    This social and professional training program is developed in partnership with the Pescar Foundation. It helps young socially vulnerable people to access the labor market by supporting their professional training and establishing connections between their interests and market opportunities, focusing on citizenship development. It is present in three municipalities: Matão, Catanduva (Industrial Units) and Iaras (Rio Pardo Farm).


    Aims to encourage people with disabilities to practice sports to improve their quality of life, to increase their self-esteem and to improve their social inclusion by sponsoring the development of Paralympic sports, especially swimming, in partnership with NAAP – Paralympic Athlete Support Group and SESI-Matão.


    Developed in partnership with the Municipal Education Departments, this program supports three different areas: School Management, Educational Management and Social Mobilization. It aims to strengthen the Municipal Education Network and improve the quality of education. It is present in eight municipalities of the state of São Paulo: Angatuba, Botucatu, Catanduva, Ibitinga, Itapetininga, Matão, Nova Europa, Nova Granada.


    A healthy competition between employees and third parties from other Votorantim companies. Participants build teams and select social organizations or schools where they perform social activities.
    The goal is to encourage engagement of leaders and employees by developing volunteering at Citrosuco Units.

    “We are all happy to be able to support an organization in our town.”
    Eleny Comar - External group participating in the 2020 Challenge.


    This partnership with the Cambuhy Farm, municipality of Matão, receives children up to 12 years old from workers from the property and the surrounding rural area during school hours, expanding children’s repertoires in various areas, such as arts, computer skills, citizenship, environment, nutrition.


    In partnership with the Votorantim Institute, Citrosuco encourages its employees to allocate part of their Income Tax to municipal institutions through the Municipal Child and Adolescent Fund. Since 2017, the campaign has benefited several projects that are aligned with our social commitment, such as Equine-assisted therapy - APAE Matão, Toque Foundation and the Seasons Project by the Girls’ Workshop in Araraquara, Child-Citizen of the Future, Catanduva and Training for the Future, Araras.
    For two years in a row, we were ranked first on the list of Votorantim invested companies.


    This project aims to intensify the dialogue between the company and the municipalities in which it operates by listening to the population. During its first cycle, we prioritized the municipality of Matão, where we created six initiatives. One of them is Continuing Education, which aims to train residents for the labor market.

    The initiative included partnerships between Citrosuco and professional and academic training units, such as IFSP - Matão Campus, ETEC, FATEC and the Edo Mariani School. In 2019, the first class of the Industrial Process Operator course graduated, in response to one of the mapped demands.